Log In iAuditExpert, or iAE, brings the next generation of risk control surveys to the industry. Through the use of unique data-capturing techniques, FARA provides more than just a survey. FARA has developed a system with extensive data-mining capabilities that allow for a "risk profiling" solution.

iAE's interactive database allows unique reporting by exception, instant auditing of your business, and exceptional distribution and tracking tools. By utilizing a combination of work flow management and data-mining, iAE allows for complete management and reporting of all aspects of your business.

iAuditExpert offers:

  • Underwriting Verification
  • Dynamic Surveys and Customizable Reports
  • Tracking and Follow-Up
  • Instant Program Evaluation
  • Loss Control Recommendation Generation

Data Mining

iAE takes the loss analysis process to a new level by adding "risk traits" to the equation and adds a third dimension to the analysis, giving the industry its first real profiling tool.

Risk Intelligence

iAuditExpert's advanced programming process allows for surveys to recognize and react to answers and will alert underwriters if customized undesirable traits are identified in an account. iAE will also generate additional questions when more detailed information is required. iAE's sophisticated process also generates questions when new exposures within a line of business/coverage are identified during the survey.

Management Reports

iAE has built-in management tools to create efficiencies and trend results for every step of the process. Reports can be scheduled to automatically generate and be delivered electronically on a scheduled (monthly, weekly, daily, etc.) or individual basis.